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    Italy national football team



    3623 supporters

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    England national football team



    1257 supporters

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  • Italy: 7,931,006 votes

  • England: 5,843,225 votes

Campaign Instruction

Gate.io UEFA Euro 2020 Voting will start between two champion candidates, Italy and England. 1 GT = 1 vote.

1. Participation Conditions: From July 8th 16:00 p.m. UTC to July 11th 16:00 p.m. UTC, for users whose net buying volume of GT is over 100, their 1 GT = 1 vote
*Attention: The greater GT net buying volume, the higher chance to win a prize. If a user’s net buying volume of GT is less than 100 during the voting, their votes will be invalid.

2. Vote Distribution:
The number of votes each user can cast is the 14-day average GT position in the account _including the capital from the spot balance and pending orders, the margin trading, the spot transferred to the margin account, the margin borrowing USDT to buy GT, and the margin borrowing GT_. The final effective number of a user’s votes is based on the 14-day average GT position in the user_s account within two hours after the end of the event. If you do not want to affect the effective number of votes, please do not change your GT position after voting and before the settlement of the activity.

For example, Tom has never before held GTs. He buys and holds 14,000 GTs on the day before the subion, and then the average number of GTs held by Tom for 14 days = 14,000 GTs/14 days = 1000 GTs. In other words, the number of votes Tom can vote on that day is 1,000 votes.

3. How to vote:
① Purchase no less than 100 GT tokens
② Vote your UEFA Euro 2020 champion between two final candidates
③ After voting, wait for the results to be announced of the final night of UEFA Euro 2020 on July 12th.

① Championship: Users voting for the final champion will share in $4.5k rewards according to the net buying volume of GT
② Participation Prizes: 100 users out of all voters will be presented with point cards of $5
*Attention: Rewards will be issued within 7 working days after the event