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What is Gate.io Liquidity Mining?
Updated at:124 days 12 hours ago

n the AMM mode, algorithmic robots simulate trading behavior to provide liquidity for the market. Every market that supports AMM has a corresponding funds pool from which market-making funds will be provided for AMM. The quotation of the AMM is determined by the ratio of the two coins in the pool, and the amount of assets in the two currencies will remain the same product when trading. This model is also called Constant Product Market Maker).

Users can become Liquidity Providers (LP) by providing liquidity to the pool, indirectly becoming a market maker and earning commission dividends from trading fees, which is known as liquidity mining. For LP, participating in liquidity mining means the ability to gain returns at very low risk with their idle assets. While for traders, the waiting time for transactions will be greatly reduced, and the larger the liquidity mining pool, the smaller the slippage in the trade.

The new AMM Reward Pool has been enabled on Gate.io. Fixed 0.3% commission fee for both Taker and Maker (temporarily consistent with Uniswap, subject to the needs of both market parties). In addition, as rewards for LP, a fixed percentage (such as 50%) of the transaction fee will automatically be bought into GT through the open market and put into the AMM Reward Pool.

*For more details about Gate.io Liquidity Mining: Why is Gate.io Liquidity Mining Great for Low Volatility? Science: What You Need to Know About Investments in Liquidity Mining Products Science: From Market Maker to Liquidity Mining, How Important is Liquidity? What's The Best DeFi Liquidity Mining Product Offered By A CEX Gate.io Cryptopedia: How to Get Liquidity Mining Yields? FAQs for AMM Liquidity Pool Gate.io will Retire Old Liquidity Pools and Return Users' Liquidity Funds(Please Choose New Liquidity Pools) Gate.io will Upgrade Certain Markets to Automated Market Maker (AMM) Mode (Add 50% Transaction Fee as Bonus)

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