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How to Whitelist Withdrawal Addresses (on web)
Updated at:76 days 13 hours ago

Address book of trusted addresses:

When withdrawing funds to trusted addresses, users do not need to go through the regular verification process, which includes SMS verification code, email verification code, Google/Gate authenticator code and fund password. Please make sure that the addresses are absolutely safe before adding them to the address book.

How to whitelist withdrawal addresses on website:

Step 1: Log in to your account and go to "Wallet" - "Withdraw".

Step 2: Randomly choose a coin and go to "Address Book - Trusted Adresses" (next to the recipient address box). img

Step 3: Follow the instructions below to whitelist a new withdrawal address in the address book:

① Click on the arrow-down triangle to select the coin. ② Click on the arrow-down triangle to select the chain. ③ Enter the address. ④ Input the memo or the tag if required. ⑤ Add a remark to the address (purpose or location of the address, for example). (Optional) ⑥ If you want to add multiple addresses at once, click on "+ Add new" to add new ones. ⑦ If you want to delete an address when adding multiple addresses, simply click on "Delete". img

Step 4: Enter your fund password, SMS verification code, email verification code and Google/Gate authenticator code. Click on "OK" to confirm the addition. (Note: If "Set as Trusted Address" gets checked, SMS, email and Google/Gate authenticator code will not be required anymore for future withdrawals to this address.) img Step 5: When a new address is added successfully, you will be able to view the details in "Address". Addresses that your account has withdrawn funds to but are not set as trusted addresses are also listed here. Click on "To verify" to set them as trusted addresses. You can delete addresses that you no longer want to have in the address book by clicking on "Delete". img

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