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About Anti-Phishing
Updated at:133 days 10 hours ago

Phishing refers to imposters who claim to be Gate.io staff scam users with malicious links or applications. When users open a malicious phishing link, they will be asked to give away their username, verification codes, fund password and other sensitive information. Scammers will then use that information to steal assets from the victim's account. Imposters send numerous scam emails that look like they are from Gate.io official email accounts.

How to be prepared:

1.Always stay vigilant when you receive:

●deceptive emails that pretend to be from Gate.io ●deceptive URLs that pretend to be Gate.io official website ●false information in text messages with suspicious links that are claimed to help you withdraw funds, verify orders, lower risk levels, video verification, etc ●false links being spread on social media

Please do not open suspicious links shared by strangers or suspicious WeChat articles shared by strangers in WeChat group chats. In case you visited malicious links and your account information may have been leaked, please visit Gate.io official website immediately and change your login password and fund password.

Official links to Gate.io website: Gate.io China: www.gate.info / www.gateio.fm Gate.io International: www.gate.io

2.Anti-Phishing Feature:

After logging in, an anti-phishing window (as shown below) will pop up. Please check if the displayed anti-phishing code is the same as the one you set before. If you have not set an anti-phishing code, we recommend that you set one, which can be very easily done by following the instructions(Click "Security verification" - "PasswordManage" to set Anti-Phishing Code). If the displayed anti-phishing code is correct, then click "Confirm". img

3.When you receive suspicious emails or messages, you should check if the email or the message is legit as soon as possible. There are 2 ways to verify:

① If you receive any suspicious text messages, phone calls or emails, please check them with our customer service agents online. You can either start a live chat or submit a ticket with a detailed deion of the matter. ② Here you can verify if domains shared with you, email addresses you received emails from, phone numbers that made calls to you, and telegram accounts that contacted you, are actually from Gate.io or not.

Go to Gate.io official website. Go to "Verification Search" under "More" on the top navigation bar. Enter the URL, email address or phone number here to verify them. img

Example cases:

1.Scammers create false airdrop links and spread them in WeChat groups. Some users may visit those deceptive links and give away their passwords and verification codes etc. The format of false URLs used by scammers: gate.tv.gateioxxxx.com/gateio.html.

2.Some chatting groups focused on cryptocurrency claim to be managed by Gate.io and spread false announcements. An article is titled "Gate.io is going to list CyberMiles (CMT) and give out CMT airdrop" and has this URL:https://gate.tv.gateio****.com/gateio.html?id=news.Once this phishing link is clicked, the visitor will be lured into giving away their username, passwords and verification codes. Scammers will then use these information to steal the victims assets from their accounts.

In order to ensure the safety of Gate.io users' assets, Gate.io hereby reminds all users to remember the URL of Gate.io offical website. Do not visit suspicious links. Never share your account information, passwords, gatecodes and verification codes with anyone.

Also, Gate.io will never collect assets from users. Gate.io does not provide investment management servcies. Gate.io customer service agents will never ask users for passwords, verification codes, or double verification codes. Do not trust information from unofficial channels. Protect your own information and assets.

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