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How to Create Sub Accounts
Updated at:138 days 15 hours ago

What are sub accounts?

Sub accounts are designed to make it easier for users to manage their assets. Sub accounts are created under a main account. A main account can have multiple sub accounts for investments and asset management.

Maximum number of sub accounts: VIP1-VIP4, 2 sub accounts; VIP5-VIP9, 20 sub accounts; VIP10-VIP11, 100 sub accounts; VIP12-VIP14, 200 sub accounts; VIP15-VIP16, 300sub accounts.

The sub account feature is only open to users at and above VIP1.

How to create a sub account

Step 1: Log in to your account, move the cursor on the profile icon on top left and go to "sub account management".

Step 2: Click on the red "+Create sub account" button. img

Step 3: Set your sub account username (must be a combination of letters or of letters and numbers). Remarks are optional. If you don't want the login password, email address, Google authentication and fund password to be the same as your main account, you may set them separately. img Step 4: After clicking on "Confirm&Create", you need to complete 2FA authentication. You can either use Google or your phone number to verify. Just enter the corresponding verification code and click on "Confirm" to finish setting up the sub account. img

Step 5: Once a sub account is set up, you can go to "sub account management" to transfer funds to the sub account.

①Click on the "transfer" button following the sub account. ②Switch to set the direction of the transfer. ③Select the currency to be transferred. ④Input the amount of the transfer. ⑤Click on "Confirm". img

Settings of the sub account:

1.Click on "API Key Manage" to create API Key for the sub account.

2.Click on "Manage"-"Withdrawal Addresses Whitelist" to add withdrawal addresses to the sub account.

3.You can "Freeze" any sub accounts on your main account to ban them from trading (effective in 3 minutes). Frozen sub account cannot log in on the website or trade using API. img

When you "Defreeze" a sub account, the account will be activated and restored to all normal functions and services. img

Limitations to sub accounts

In order to make sure that the assets in the main account are safe, sub accounts can therefore transfer funds to and receive funds from the main account only. The following are banned for sub accounts: C2C fiat currency trading, fiat currency loan, withdrawal from digital asset to wallet, using gatecode, points transfer, red pockets (in chat rooms and live streaming). Sub accounts cannot log in on Gate.io mobile app.


1.Handling fee discount Sub account inherits the main account's VIP tier and therefore enjoys the same amount of handling fee discount.

2.Upgrade VIP tier of the sub account follows the main account. The transaction volume of the sub account adds to the transaction volume of the main account.

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