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Guide to Gatecode on web (video)
Updated at:1291 days 14 hours ago

Learn how to use Gatecode for a fee-free transfer ( Video)

Gatecode is a method to transfer asset between accounts. Transfer using this method is fee free and instant. By submitting the code on Redeem Gatecode page, the asset will be credited instantly. If you withdrew asset with Gatecode option, you may return it to your account balance by submitting the code on the Redeem GateCode page:

First,you have to get the complete code.

1.Go to the withdrawal page for the coin you withdrew as Gatecode. Take USDT for example. Access USDT withdrawal page.(Not Recent Withdrawal Page) Find the withdrawal record with status Valid. Hover your mouse on the code until the pointer changes to a hand, then left-click , a dialogue box will pop up , asking for fund password. Enter your fund password, you may see the complete code. Copy the code.

2.Submit it on Redeem Gatecode page to deposit the asset in your account. This transaction is credited as a new deposit.

How to acquire a gatecode:

Step 1: Log in to your account. Go to "Wallet" - "Withdraw".

Alternatively, you can go to "Wallet" - "Spot Account". Then click on the top-right "Withdraw" button. You can also search the currency you want to withdraw in the search box. Then click on " Withdraw" or "Slow" ("Slow" means the withdrawal may take some time due to traffic). img

Step 2: On the withdrawal page, choose "To Gatecode" and the currency you want to withdraw. Enter the amount, your fund password, SMS verification code, Google verification code. Then click on "Submit request". img

Step 3: Copy the gatecode on the pop-up window. img

You can also copy the code in "Recent Withdrawals". Enter your fund password to view the full gatecode. img

How to use a gatecode:

After copying a gatecode, go to "Wallet" - "Deposit" - "Redeem GateCode". Paste the gatecode in the box and click on "Submit".


1.Before sharing your gatecodes with others, please make sure of their identities. Do not share gatecodes with strangers. 2.As of now, does not provide trading channels for gatecodes. Please be cautious when buying gatecodes from other users. It is advised not to trade gatecodes with strangers. 3.A gatecode consists of 2 parts connected by a hyphen. The first part can be used to inquire about the denomination of the gatecode or to lock the gatecode. Payment should be made after locking the gatecode. A full gatecode is essential to complete the deposit. Please make sure that the gatecodes you plan to buy from other users are valid. You can verify and lock gatecodes by submitting their first parts. Only make payments after locking the gatecodes to avoid getting scammed.
4.If a gatecode is not deposited within 2 hours after it gets locked, it will be automatically unlocked and eliminated from protection.

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