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Gate.io Blog Gate.io AMA : Funding rate & Predicted Funding rate
AMA 101

Gate.io AMA : Funding rate & Predicted Funding rate

28 November 19:47

Q : Let's continue studying Logical Mechanism of Perpetual Contracts today.

A : Sure let's get started.

Q : Here we go, Can you tell me what funding rate is ?

A : Funding rates are periodic payments to long or short traders based on the difference between the perpetual contract market and the spot price. Funding rates make the perpetual futures contract price close to the index price. All cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges use funding rates for perpetual contracts. Funding rates in the given period and exchange. The standard unit is a percentage.

Q : How about funding rate calculation ?

A : For the calculation of the funding rate, it is the interest rate differentials between the premium index and settlement currency, and the intraday dealing price and the basis difference of external spot price that is mainly considered.

The funding fee is calculated as follows:

Funding Rate = Premium Index + clamp ( 0.01% - Premium Index, 0.05%, -0.05%) (0.01% refers to interest rate differential)

Premium Index refers to the basis difference between intraday price and external price

Premium Index =【 Max (0, Impact Bid Price - Mark Price) - Max (0, Mark Price - Impact Ask Price) 】/ Index Price (Clamp refers to limiting function)

Gate.io calculates the Funding Rate every minute, and the final Funding Rate is clamp ( average value within 8 hours, fmax, -fmax )

fmax refers to ( Initial Margin of the risk - Maintenance Margin of the risk ) * 75%

The funding rate rule on Gate.io is to apply the final funding rate of the previous cycle.

For instance, the funding rate calculated between 0:00 - 8:00 will be exchanged at 16:00, which operationally is more conducive for users to make judgments in advance。

Examples are as follows:

According to the capture above, the current funding rate is 0.0043%, and there is 6 hours 18 minutes, and 42 seconds remaining before the next calculation, that after 6 hours 18 minutes, and 42 seconds, the platform will apply the funding rate at 0.0043% for settlement.

In the meantime, to facilitate the users to make judgments in advance, users can also predict the possible changes of the direction by predicting the funding rate,

as shown in the picture:

Place the mouse on 'Funding Rate', it will show the predicted funding rate.

As shown in the picture above, the predicted funding rate is 0.01%, there remain 14 hours 17 minutes, and 39 seconds till the next calculation.


Predicted funding rate changes over time, until the next calculation, is finished, the predicted information is used for reference only.

If you want to refer to the history of capital rate, you can look up the historical funding rate of all contracts (take BTC-USDT as an example):

Q : Thanks for all, Let's go to the question session.

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