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Gate.io Genesis OpenPunks sequence battle voting channel is officially opened.

2021-09-18 13:01:52 UTCRead:778002

Since the first batch of Genesis OpenPunks went online for a week, we have received a large number of creative works, and we have also felt the user’s unlimited passion of creativeness. Now, the voting channel of the Genesis OpenPunks sequence battle is officially opened. Everyone can participate in voting and choose what is the best NFT work in your mind. Who will win the ownership of Genesis OpenPunks, all up to you. Let's vote right away!

#1 Vote Now:https://www.gate.io/poll/votelist/214
#2 Vote Now:https://www.gate.io/poll/votelist/213
#3 Vote Now:https://www.gate.io/poll/votelist/212

Voting Time: September 18, 2021 13:00 - September 25, 13:00(UTC)
Creation Process: Fill in the application form>Community players participate by creating an NFT>Community voting>Reward

First 3 OpenPunk Creations
OpenPunks #1#2#3

How to Participate?
All of the community will have an opportunity to mint and create their very own OpenPunk. Users need to fill in the application form and meet the specific requirements in order to participate. The winning creator will have the privilege of owning the very first OpenPunk NFT. The winner will be selected based on receiving the highest number of votes.

Create an NFT & Win a Share of $6,000 Dollars in Rewards
During the event, NFT creators can vote for their favorite NFT’s, and win a share of NFT tokens worth $6,000 US dollars! This is providing they meet all the requirements and follow the competition rules:

4th to 10th positions will share in a $700 reward equally.

OpenPunks Creation Voting
Only one vote is available each time for this event type. The total number of votes available for each account is determined from the account level.

Accounts with levels less or equals to 3 have 3 votes available daily;
Accounts with levels less or equals to 10 have 5 votes available daily;
Accounts with levels greater than 10 have 10 votes available daily.

*The number of GTs held in your account must be greater than the number of votes available per day.

Work Attributes of OpenPunks Creations
OpenPunks are composed of multiple elements, each of which have different attributes and a specific degree of rarity. The characteristics of each component are displayed in the form of text. There are certain characteristics and attributes that have a higher degree of rarity and value. These include character type, hair color, skin, role and other elements.

Follow the OpenPunks official account to get the latest information.

1. All NFTs created must be original. Piracy, infringement, and plagiarism are strictly prohibited. No creation can contain content that infringes on the personal rights of others (copyrights, portrait rights, etc.) Content that violates laws such as violence, pornography, and image theft is strictly prohibited;
2. The winner of the NFT creation competition will get ownership of the OpenPunks that are created.This ownership includes use, modification, authorization, license, transfer, disposal, and other benefits. The winner will have the rights to use the piece for exhibition, publication, collection, television, network, print or broadcast in the media;
3. Gate.io reserves the right of the final interpretation of this event.

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Gate.io Team

Sep 18, 2021

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